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Tensi Wrist bC 32
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Beurer Tensimeter BC-32 digital tensimeter Is on the wrist that works automatically to measure the blood pressure and heart rate. Beurer Tensimeter BC-32 easy to carry travel because it has a small size and compact, but still backed up with sophisticated features, among others, can detect abnormalities in the rhythm of the heart beat (arrhythmia).

Beurer Tensimeter BC-32 is easy to dioperasikan, pressing the 1 button, the process of blood pressure measurement starts automatically. Equipped with a large LCD screen, making the measurement results using the tensimeter Beurer BC32 easier to read.


The average of all stored measurements, and blood pressure morning and afternoon during the last 7 days.
Date and time information
The memory capacity to 2 users (each 60 sets of memory)
The WHO Classification

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