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Description of Safety Shoes King's KWS 800 X Safety Shoes Brand King's KWS 800 X 100% Original Money Back GuaranteeShoes with quality buffalo leather, thus creating comfort when in use This shoe is equipped with steel at the end of the shoe which serves to protect the foot when falling to a different weight up to 2000 joules equivalent to 200 kgthe inside is equipped with thick, tread and anti-static shoe treads (I accidentally stepped on a cable that was peeling off when we were electrocutedThis shoe is ready in size No 5 is equivalent to size 38 No. 6 is equivalent to sizes 39 and 40 No 7 is equivalent to size 41 No 8 is equivalent to size 42 No 9 is equivalent to size 43 NO 10 is equivalent to size 44/45Please order Ready stock, WA: Dila 0812.9773.3034

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