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Fire Hose Fire Hose Syntex Unidur
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Sell Fire Hose Fire Hose Syntex Unidur

Specification of Fire Hose Fire Hose Syntex Unidur

Fire Hose

Fire Hose Syntex Unidur light "OSW" | Fire Hose | Full Rubber Fire Hose

Size: 2.5 "x 30 meters
With Machino Coupling 2.5 "

Full Rubber Hose Syntex Unidur light "OSW"


* municipal fire brigades
* shipboard
* marine and offshore
* chemical industry
* refineries


* 100% high tenacity polyester yarn, circular-woven (reinforcement)
* embedDED in a high-quality, special synthetic rubber on the base of Nitrile/PVC
* extra thin wall-thickness
* extruded through the polyester weave



* absolute tough and durable
* resistance to oil, petrol and a wide range of chemicals
* temperature range of from 40 C up to + 100 C
* resistance to UV and ozone
* low elongation and very low friction loss
* excellent adhesion between rubber and textile
* no cleaNing or drying required
* easy to repair
* very light compared to the regular Syntex Unidur


Special options

* maximum lengths up to 120 m
* individual stencilling (e. g. Company logo-or-name)
* all international standards couplings
* standard colour: red (others on request)

Technical data

the diameter of the bursting pressure working pressure weight
in mm in inch in bar in psi in bar in psi in g
52 (C) r

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