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Cheap ORIGINAL Axio Raincoat, Festive Updated on December 27, 2019 READY STOCK (RED, BLUE, BLACK, BLUE DONGKER,) size M - XXXL (Axio raincoat is made of high quality Taslan material, water resistant. If the information column does not specify the color and size then we will send random / RANDOMSELL good cheap European raincoats -Smooth and lightweight material, dual 2 layers inside using croton material, the outer material is thick taslan waterproof and windproof. -Model full seam seal seam (double layer hotpress seal). -There are inner pockets for storing cellphones and outer pockets with zippers. -Fururistic design covered with scotlight on the back, chest and hands to ensure safe driving time at night. -The head cover can be stored in the neck with a zipper design. Thick pants, double & not easily torn. -For the pants using rubber and there is a strap.XXXL size: * Shirt width from armpit to armpit = 66cm (circle clothes 132cm) * Maximal stretchy pants = 60cm (circle front trousers blkg 120cm) * Length of pants = 103cm * Thigh width calculated from the groin = 33cm (66cm thigh circumference)XXL size: * Width of shirt from armpit to armpit = 65cm (circle clothes 130cm) * Maximum stretchy pants = 57cm (circle front pants blkg 114cm) * Length of pants = 97cm * Thigh width is calculated from the groin = 30cm (thigh circumference 60cm)XL Size: * Width of shirt from armpit to armpit = 64cm (circle clothes 128cm) * Maximum stretchy pants = 54cm (circle front trousers blkg 108cm) * Length of pants = 95cm * Thigh width calculated from the groin = 27cm (thigh circumference 54cm)Size M and L are suitable for those who use the size S shirt Size XL Suitable for those who wear M shirts Size XXL is suitable for those who wear L and XL clothes Size XXXL is suitable for those who wear XL and XXL clothes Size M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL

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