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Master Lock S1900VE410
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Product Specifications Master Lock S1900VE410 Deluxe Safety Lockout Station

The Master Lock No. S1900VE410 Deluxe Safety Lockout Station, Valve and Electrical, features durable construction to ensure long life in manufacturing facilities and covered compartments to protect devices and keep dust and grime out.
Station includes Thermoplastic Zenex 410RED padlocks, high-use valve and electrical lockout products and focused tags.
Upper unit ideal for larger lockout devices, lower unit ideal for tags and lockout devices smaller and moveable dividers in top and bottom trays help with organization.


Product Features
-Deluxe Lockout Station
Capacity-Deluxe lockout station holds departmental lockout needs
-16 hanger clips holds 2 safety hasps padlocks or each
-Moveable dividers in top and bottom trays help organize devices
-Holes provided along bottom for optional peg hook hangers to h

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