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Master Lock 503RED
Master Lock 503RED
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Master Lock/Padlock

Product specifications Master Lock 503RED Latch Tight Group Lockout Box

The Master Lock No. 503RED Latch Tight Group Lockout Box, yellow, accepts 14 padlocks or lockout hasps and can be mounted to the wall or carried from job to job.
Lock box holds hundreds of keys and includes organized storage for 12 keys in the back of the box.
Also features an exclusive, patented Latch Tight locking mechanism that prevents keys from being accessed until the last Castafiore or hasp is removed from the box.


Product Features
-Latch Tight Red Group Lock Box-Portable or Wall Mount
-Storage device captures keys for effective lock out of large equipment
-Exclusive Latch Tight feature ensures that keys cannot be accessed until the last safety Castafiore is removed
-Durable powder-coated red finish with stainless steel handle
-Integrated storage organizes up to 12 keys or hundred of bulk keys

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