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Master Lock 1458V3
Master Lock 1458V3
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Product specifications Master Lock 1458V3 Group Lockout Valve Kit

The Master Lock No. 1458V3 Personal Lockout Kit, Valve, features high-use valve lockout devices and six No. 3RED laminated steel padlocks, keyed different, was stored in a portable safety organizer carry case.
The modular carry case with translucent storage compartments keeps important lockout devices and padlocks organized.
Two storage organizers included, one with 4-18 compartmenTS, the other with a single compartment for used a bulky lockout devices.


Product Features
-Group Lockout Kit-Valve
-(1) 1458 portable safety organizer kit containing:
-(6) 3RED laminated steel padlocks, keyed different
-(1) 420 lockout hasp
-(1) 427 snap-on red labeled lockout hasp
-(1) S806 adjustable cable lockout device
-(1) 480 gate valve cover for 1in to 3 handles
-(1) 481 gate valve cover for 2in to 5in handles

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