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Body Harnes Petzl AVAO BOD FAST Harnesses
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Specification of

BOdy Harness

Contents Description PrThe new range of harnesses transfer the shock of the fall arrest while using the rear shoulder attachment point to the legs much more effieciently than the old Navaho range and are much more comfortable at the shoulders.

They also do not have the irritating fixed webbing at the back between waist band and leg loops that were found on the Navaho Bods.

The Avaho Bod Croll Fast is the full featured version with the fast leg buckles and built in croll.



Avao Bod for the u.s., but with the addition of quick release leg buckles and a built in Croll.

EN 358, EN 361, EN 813, EN 12841 type B


Size 0:
Waist: 60-90cm
Leg: 45-65 cm
To fit people of height: 160-180cm

Size 1:
Waist: 70-110 cm
Leg: 45-65 cm
To fit people of height: 165-185cm

Size 2:
Waist: 80-113cm
Leg: 60-75 cm
To fit people of height: 175-200cm


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